Leading a life in Korea.

I am living in South Korea. I have been for one and a half years. The first year was spent in a small town named Taebaek  (태백) in the Gangwon Province.  It was a great experience to live there and I’m glad that I did it before making my transition to Seoul. Despite the fact that most people want to live in Seoul, there is always a little jealousy and disdain for the people that do live there. At least for myself, being on the outside.

Living outside of the sprawling mass of apartments, restaurants and hofs that seem make up the majority of Seoul, I can’t help but think, I’m glad I don’t live here. I then take pride in announcing to others that “I’m from Taebaek, in Gangwon-do.” The usual response would be, “Where?” After this question a quick response should suffice, “Oh this small town of 50 000 people.” As no one really cares where you live, since most people haven’t had the chance to leave the big city in search of what the rest of Korea might be like. Of course, I’m generalizing. But, if you live in the countryside you want to believe you made the right choice, to land randomly in some province you didn’t know existed before coming to Korea. In the end, I do believe I made the right choice, despite the fact that other people might have been having more fun, meeting more interesting people, meeting girls and guys in the same age bracket, I still had adventures. Perhaps even more than I have had living in Seoul so far.


One Response to “Leading a life in Korea.”

  1. Marcel Irnie Says:

    nice read… when are you gonna come home? Remember Canada LP?

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