Macaroni Market

What makes a food critic? I will look that up when I finish this sentence. How do you become one? Do you just have to like food a lot because I do.  Okay, well I looked it up. As I figured, you should probably study journalism. Some other tips included co owning a restaurant, working in a restaurant, researching and reading about food all the time. Write lots of reviews.

Okay so I don’t have these important qualities, but my only jobs (until now) have been in the restaurant industry. In fact I’m not even sure I have read a full review on any sort of food. For me, I want to know how the food and service are and then see a picture of the dish. How developed is the regular persons pallet? If I eat something and think it’s average, did the person that wrote the review thought it was great, does he have some hidden insight or did I just “out taste” him.

My food review without any previous experience or knowledge on the practice.

Restaurant: The Macaroni Market in Itaewon

Food: Macaroni and Cheese

Price: 12 000 won

It looks as though this is a popular dish to review. A quick search on the internet for this restaurant brings up a number of reviews. Why do I have to write another one? Perhaps my take is a little different, I’m not sure. I didn’t read their reviews, but I did see key words which led me to believe it was a really delicious dish. After living in a small Korean city for a year, my cravings for western food have become a lot stronger. Even though I have lived in Seoul for almost five months I have still not eaten a huge amount of western cuisine. When I went to this restaurant I intended to review the food. The reason I chose this restaurant was because of the description and pictures of another food blogger.

I assume the recipe changed a little between the time that myself and the other blogger went to the restaurant, as the price and presentation were slightly different. As far as the restaurant goes, as a building, it’s nice. There is nothing to complain about other than being confused about where the washroom was, but that was quickly resolved with the help of the staff. The complimentary bread and balsamic and oil were a nice touch. Something I haven’t eaten in quite a while. From what I remember other people gave this dish a pretty good review, reading parts here and there.

For me the other pictures looked more appetizing, I was hoping for some cheesy, home cooked style macaroni. That is what it looked like to me. The thing that disappointed me when I got there was that it had changed, it wasn’t the same at all. I thought I ordered the wrong thing,but when I got home and checked the picture I realized just the presentation and perhaps the amount of bacon had changed. The reason I didn’t find it  amazing was that the noodles were swimming in a pool of sauce. I don’t think the sauce should be overindulging, it should just coat the pasta. I’ve noticed this trend in a few places that I have eaten. I did enjoy the dish to an extent, I felt the use of lemon peel interesting, but in the end overpowering. I agree with what the other food blogger said, share the dish and get a salad or something else to go with it. It’s a bit too much for one person to eat, sure I ate it all, but by the halfway mark it was getting kind of bland and repetitive. Overall I would give it 6 out of 10.

Conclusion: I would go back to the restaurant, the service was great. I wouldn’t get that dish again though, I would like to try something different. On a side note I arrived at 3:00pm just as Sunday brunch was ending. We got turned away and had to wait till 5 till it opened again. They said that we couldn’t order from the menu. I’m not sure why since the brunch had ended, and the staff would only be prepping for the dinner rush and the restaurant did not close till four.

Paul Ajosshi’s Photo


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3 Responses to “Macaroni Market”

  1. walka walka walka Says:

    well, if nothing else, those photos look awesome. i could eat that stuff twice.

  2. walka walka walka Says:

    my other comment is awaiting moderation?? wow luke, i thought you would have a bit more trust..

  3. Doyle Says:

    hey Luke,, that looks much better than Kraft noodle,, I do enjoy your critique and would be interested in one on kraft noodle,, tho I am sure it wouldnt be a 6 of 10

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