The fine art of doing nothing.

How do you stay busy at a time when there is really nothing to do.

I’d prefer to be working on something, but I can not. My new semester of classes starts on March 1st and as of right now I don’t even know what grade I will be teaching. Therefore, I can’t prepare any lesson plans. I have heard that it might be grade four, but we are getting new textbooks this year so I can’t even attempt to start preparing. I am happy that my school is not like most other schools in that they allow me to work at home during the winter break, and I’m not stuck at my desk doing nothing. I am now because technically school is in session. Today is the last day before spring break, and the last day at school before I leave for my trip back home.

In this office setting with five teachers and myself, I have to appear to be working, at least in my mind. Other teachers have no problems watching movies on a laptop in front of their principle or taking naps everyday. Hell, I ‘d like that too. It’s just not in my character though, sure maybe if I was isolated in my own office I would take part in such activities, but I would keep an ear out just in case.  Now to someone who might think this sounds like slacking, try sitting at your desk for 40 days 8 hours a day with nothing to do. All the planning for school can be done while school is in session, and for me it should be done while school is in session. What you expect to happen and what happens during school are two different things. You have to be able to adapt to learning curves and what is popular and what is not. If you waste your time preparing for the whole year and the activities are duds, what is the point? I need some pressure in order to perform properly anyway, otherwise it’s too hard to focus.

Throughout my 8 hour day I usually alternate websites. The most common are Korean news papers or Blogs about Korea. I figure if I’m not working I might as well educate myself on something relevant. As well I feel that the other teachers, who are pretty much doing the same thing I am, will at least see it’s a worth while activity. I bolster these readings with an occasional break to tumblr, facebook, gmail,  and hotmail. I’ve heard people say, how can you be bored, you have the internet. Well sure, if I could watch you-tube and download movies and watch those, I wouldn’t be bored at all.

Despite the fact that I don’t like sitting here and doing nothing. I will try not to complain about it, in that way. I do know that I am being paid and being paid to do nothing. This is definitely not a situation to complain about, as I know many other people do.   No one likes to “desk warm” but if they want us to, than we shall.

I only wrote this for something to do.


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