IF the person who signs your contract goes to jail…

Most of the English teachers who work within the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) would have had their contracts signed, or pre-signed by Gong Jeong Taek (공 정 택.) Now this may be an assumption based on my own personal experience, I will say that. But, I have a mock up of my contract, which I had to print out and sign. This was co signed by Mr. Gong.

When I was looking for a specific article regarding my exit allowance I showed my co teacher my document.  He explained to me that Mr. Gong is now in jail for corruption. I have not found any articles stating that he did go to jail, however. I did find that according to this Korean Herald article, he was forced to resign from his post. At the time of the investigation, many principles and education staff were arrested as well. Apparently, he was accepting bribes. These bribes would then determine which candidates would become principles within the education system.

This is from the Korean Federation of Teacher’s Association.

The allegations of widespread corruption and abuse of power at the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education reveal an organization that is rotten to the core. What are our children to learn from these “educators?” What kind of education can such a dysfunctional education office offer? It is time for a complete revamp of the education office.

You can find the link here.

I guess all the worry regarding native English teachers, might be diverted for a little while.


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