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Things my co teacher told me.

April 1, 2010

Well I just learned thanks to the Marmot’s Hole article that the first foreigners in Korea were the Portuguese and not the Dutch. Well regardless, this is a story my co teacher told me, not a long one, but a story.

Apparently, a ship had been damaged so it came ashore in Korea. Where? I don’t know. Anyway this ship was carrying what my co teacher believed to be Dutch. Now there is some name for this guy, but I do not know it. I know that his Korean family name is or Pak (or Park). It seemed to me that there was only one person, perhaps he was the captain and was the only notable person. Anyways, he ended up learning some Korean and staying here because he couldn’t get back to his home country. My co teacher told me that one of his friends was related to him, and he looks slightly different than Koreans. He has a more prominent nose, and to quote my teacher “a more 3D face.” This landing took place around the 1500s. There is my non historical tale of the first European / Westerner in Korea.

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